What product size options do Slope Spaces have?

Slope Spaces currently 2 product sizes known as "Big Brother" and "Little Sister". The Slope Big brother is a 3600mm x 2400mm footprint and the Slope Little Sister is a 2400mm x 2400mm footprint. Both are under 2500mm high and meet permitted development heights.

How can we view a Slope Spaces garden room?
You can visit our head office showroom/factory in the North East (by appointment only) or you can visit any of our show sites across the UK by looking on our view our garden rooms page https://slopespaces.com/pages/view-a-slope-spaces-garden-room for information and locations.

Can Slope Spaces garden rooms be dismantled/moved?
We are very proud to say yes they can be permanent OR temporary. A great advantage of our rooms is that if you move home the Slope Spaces garden room can go with you. Due to the advanced design, panels and manufacturing ways, we have made this possible. Unlike most garden buildings the Slope Spaces garden room comes apart just as easily as it went together.

Do I need planning permission for a Slope Spaces garden room?
In many cases, your Slope Spaces garden room is built within ‘Permitted Development Rights (PDRs). PDRs are rights to make certain changes to a building without the need to apply for planning permission. They derive from general planning permission granted by Parliament, rather than from permission granted by the local planning authority. Further details can be found here. http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/

Do Slope Space garden rooms need to pass building regulations?
Our garden rooms meet or exceed building regulation requirements. There is no need for formal applications or inspections by Building Control inspectors.

There is limited access to my garden, is this a problem?

Our buildings are prefabricated construction and come in modular SIP panels, so we can be quite flexible even in the tightest of spaces. We only require an opening of 850mm wide and 2400mm high. Our initial discussion will confirm how we can overcome any access challenges. We can even do video chats or view photos to assess thoroughly.

Who will install my garden room?
Slope Spaces is a family business and we use our trusted in-house team to install your garden room. Our team are professional and provides the highest customer service. We take great care on-site and ensure the area is tidy and clean before leaving.

Do you supply and install nationally?
We build throughout mainland England only.

Can I arrange a site survey?
In the first instance, one of our friendly team will chat with you to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have regarding the process if any issues can not be dealt with via chat or video calls then we will send out one of our team to carry a full site survey.

What is included in the price?
Included in the price is the Slope Spaces garden room you have chosen, supplied and fitted as per specification. There are some customisation options, which are an additional cost, but these will be discussed with you upfront should you want them.

What is NOT included in the price?
Not included in the price are the following….electrical works…base works…site clearance or removal of items…landscaping…parking charges/permits.

What warranty do you provide?
All Slope Spaces garden rooms have a 10-year insurance-backed structural warranty.

How long does it take to install?
We aim to have your Slope room built and installed within 4 to 6 weeks from purchase. The average actual build time is often less than 2 days.

Can Slope garden rooms be used all year round?
Yes – our rooms benefit from PIR Ridged insulation and all window and door units are double-glazed and fully meet industry standards. As a result, our garden rooms can be used all year round.

Do you supply electricity/water to your garden rooms?

We do not offer this service due to logistical reasons but you can use your suppliers and trades to install this if required.

What foundation do I need and are they included in the price?
We do not include foundations with our installations but can advise on the best kind of foundation system to match your requirements. Factors that need to be considered include the type of ground and locality of trees etc. The most commonly used systems include ground screws and concrete slabs/beds. We work with a company called Ground Screws 4U https://www.gs4u.co.uk/ which provides a more economically and environmentally friendly option compared to a typical concrete base. Please ask for details.


 Any further questions please let us know