Your Garden Music Room
A room for playing your musical instrument or producing and creating new tracks means your passion can be best accomplished…

…particularly when you don’t have the invasion of outside noises interrupting you. Nor do you want the concern that the music that you are enjoying is disturbing your family or neighbours. A Swift dedicated music room or studio lets you get on with what you do best.

“We were able to observe the construction process in its entirety that was completed in record time by the highly talented team.”

WW, Cheshire

What makes it work?
Internet connections for games and Smart TV
Surround sound system that integrates with your music collection
Large screen TV or projection system
Additional sound insulation
Great lighting features and remote control
Refreshment bar/drinks station
We have experience of designing and creating the most demanding of music recording studios. We understand that this is an extremely specialised field that can demand very extensive (and sometimes expensive) processes and materials to achieve the highest levels of performance stipulated by professional standard artists.

Our first role therefore, is to listen to your requirements and expectations
Here are some examples of typical garden music room uses:

Somewhere to enjoy your hobby, playing your acoustic musical instrument (and maybe singing) without interruption
A place to practice and perform your louder music, maybe with friends
A dedicated room for mixing and producing digital music
A full-blown rehearsal suite for a band, including bass and drums
Our standard garden rooms already have exceptional sound insulation qualities due to their construction materials and almost air-tight standards. Therefore to create a room that is used for general family use, including musical practice and fun, may require little, if any additional attention.

Thick, multi-layer SIP panel walls, roof and floor, and high quality double glazed units all do a great job of keeping the sound in, or out.

The next level is to add simple features that enhance sound insulation levels. Special plasterboard, additional high-density insulation materials and additional weight of glazing improve the sound insulation to deal with more demanding situations.

How far do you want to take it? – If required we can involve our specialist acoustic consultant who prepares a detailed and technical evaluation of every single element of the build structure to deal with the most demanding of professionals.
“The main building and complex internal acoustic treatment are great. Swift were able to work from my design and come up with the goods.”

CB, Sheffield

We have built a professional sound studio with separate live room and production room, that can have a rock band playing inside and you can’t hear a thing outside in their suburban garden.
Until you experience this level of performance it’s hard to imagine just how impressive this is.

This build was highly technical and demanded that we employ drastic and challenging processes to reach the required standards. Unless your construction team have this experience it is unlikely that they have the expertise to deal with the essential details.
For example:

Twin skin walls and roof with almost total isolation between leaves
Massive weight of materials (walls, roof, boarding) to achieve require performance
Inner acoustic lining providing multi layer sound absorption and minimal reverberation
Isolated routing of cables and air ducts
Multi layer, 16.8mm laminated acoustic glazing with absorption panels
Isolation of all fixings with acoustic neoprene foam
Sealing of all joints (staggered too) with acoustic sealants
Double skin, steel plate acoustic doors and rising seal system
Full patch cabling system
As you may imagine, this kind of attention to detail does not come cheaply. However, if music is your life and you want the best, then we can deliver it.

Are you ready to ask us your questions? We would love to hear from you!