Your Garden Treatment Room
A garden treatment room allows specialists like osteopaths, reflexologists, beauticians, hairdressers and life coaches can have their own space to operate.

Many people in these professions choose to work from home where they can give an efficient and flexible service, but sometimes this can clash with the normal day-to-day use of your home.
Having a separate suite set up for your consultations will make life and business more effective. You can remove all chances of interruptions from the phone, the cat, the doorbell or other members of the family. You don’t have to re-arrange everything between your professional and home life. Overall your clients will gain a great impression of your practice.

“Swift was the only company that not only met my spec, but surpassed it and within my budget.”

AH, London

When clients see a beautiful, dedicated garden treatment room in your garden where they feel secure, well served, and in receipt of your focus, your business reputation grows accordingly.
It demonstrates that working from home does not mean a compromised service in your field. It clearly shows professionalism and permanence.

“I now have a beautiful garden treatment room that more than complements my garden and is a beautiful and peaceful place to work from!”

PW, Beckenham

As people who have worked from home and built their own businesses, we at Swift are very much in touch with your challenges and lifestyle. We show empathy and skill in achieving a room that benefits your home life and boosts your business potential.
Typical features of garden treatment rooms include…

Internal partitions and layout to match your needs
Toilet/cloakroom and perhaps a shower
Easy access doors and pathways/landscaping
Internet, telephone connections and intercom
Controllable and economical heating systems
Fitted furnishings/storage units
Alarm system
Would a garden treatment room be a good investment for you and your business?

Our friendly team are waiting to help you create your life-changing space.